Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Round 2

I had full intentions of signing up and running the Chicago Marathon this year...I like variety! But when I had looked into hotels around the start/finish, they were all way too expensive for little ol' me (since I'll most likely be traveling/running solo).


I just signed up for the Portland Marathon...again! I got sucked into the fact that 1) I LOVE me some Portland 2) the food trucks in Portland are calling my name and 3) (most importantly of course) it's the 40th anniversary of the marathon! How could I resist?

So, come October, I'll find myself in one of my favorite cities :)

p.s. - Running is quite the expensive hobby!


  1. Oh, I was hoping you'd pick Chicago; the pooches are versed in being a cheering squad. I'm sitting out this year, though Portland does sound fun.

  2. I would SOOOO SOOO SOOO love the Two Pities in the City cheering squad! I was looking into the Chicago Half...Have you done that before?