Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who am I?

I am (in no particular order)...

a LOVER of all things Luci (I am her #1 fan):

a zombie cupcake connoisseur (It's the truth):

a Runner (am I allowed to call myself that now?):

a die-hard knitter (currently) with too many unfinished projects (ie, four):

a star-burst jumper (although I'm not that aerodynamic):

A lover of food...especially food truck foods (I can't say no to a street taco):

a crazy dog lady (who occasionally carries dog treats with her to the gym):

a cupcake feign (Red velvet is my favorite flavor):

a consumer of cool (non)alcoholic beverages in warm climates:

very clumsy (if it can be broken or be dropped, I most likely will):

I am Me.

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