Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its been a while

Mon Ami, I've been away for a few weeks...maybe it's only really been a couple of days, but it seems like a long time.

R's been in Chicago since last week Monday for work and I miss him dearly. He's been texting me and sending me pictures of all the delicious food he's consuming...trying to make me jealous! hah!

Luci's diarrhea problem came back this past weekend (I'm assuming b/c she had finished her 3rd round of Flagyl a few days prior). Called my vet tech/soon-to-be veternarian friend and another friend in a panic b/c there was blood in her (extremely) soft stool on Saturday. Also left a semi-choking voicemail at Luci's vet office (they were closed for the day) and called the Vet ER and definitely cried a little while explaining the situation. She's had diarrhea on and off (on after the Flagyl wears off or if she's not on it and off when she's on the Flagyl) for the past two months (ie, since I took her to boarding that one time when our building was being termite tented!!!) Fasted her on Saturday evening and started feeding her white rice & chicken since Sunday. Felt panicked the entire weekend.

So she's been on that steady diet of white rice and chicken...and FINALLY had two decent (yet very small) solid poops yesterday (I did yell Hooray! in public when this happened) and also picked up a HUGE bag of Z/D from the vets (unfortunately this was the only size they had) The vet is hoping that this all points to a (severe) food allergy since the diarrhea stopped once I started feeding her white rice & chicken.

What's strange about all of this is that Luci was already on a high quality kibble (D/D...for her sensitive skin)!

I just want my wee lil' fur baby's tummy to feel better. Her energy level has remained high this entire time...but I assume feeling squirmish in her tummy is no fun (definitely not fun for me either).

Doesn't help that I have hypochondriac tendencies and want to take her to the vet for EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. My wallet has not thanked me at all this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for her :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

San Diego-a-go-go...2010 San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

Accomplished and fully rocked! I have lost my marathon virginity and loved every minute of it (well, that may be a slight overexaggeration)

I had my doubts going into the race knowing that everyone was saying how hot today was going to be (record heat and humidity compared to recently or something like that). But it didn't really start to get hot until I had reached around mile 10.

Started off the race in Corral 19-20 with a pace of 10:15 min/mile...I figured I could run that for 3-5 miles and then I could pick it up. Accomplished that much, and then accidentally picked up the pace too much so that I was running a 9:15-9:30min/mile which I knew I would not be able to maintain for the whole race. But ended up running at that pace for a good 3-4 miles since I was trying to keep up with my friends (3 faster running males!...bad idea!)

Once we made it to the 163 (awful freeway that is majorly banked...and long...and at an incline...for 3 miles) I had to take it back down on my pace. This is where it started to get majorly hot. It didn't help that because the freeway is long, I could see miles and miles of people ahead of me (literally).

But this time we were at mile 11 or something, and I had vaguely remembered R saying that he would be at Mile 11. But he was hanging out with his coworker (who's wife was running the half...slightly different course), so I couldn't remember if he went Mile 11 on the half course or Mile 11 on the full course. Scanned and scanned for his sweet face, but couldn't find him. Eventually found him and his friend on Mile 11/15 (half/full) and couldn't be more thrilled. Filled up my water bottle with fluids I brought from home (the course was supplying something I had never drank before and didn't want to upset my stomach). And then kept on going.

I'll admit, by this time thoughts running in my head were: "Why am I doing this? Am I crazy? Oh wait, I must be crazy because I signed up for the Portland Marathon too! Are we there yet? Is my sports bra tan getting worse? Why is it so hot!!!" haha. But hearing the crowds cheering all the runners on and listening to all the live bands playing pushed me forward.

Once I got to Mile 19 I knew I was on the home stretch (albeit a long stretch). I had ran that part of the course numerous times, so I thought it would be easy...specially considering it was super flat! But no, I was wrong. We ran around Mission Bay and onto Fiesta Island. The loop around Fiesta Island was, I don't know, like 3 miles or something...but it felt more like 8. The number of bands and onlookers on the island were lacking, and it made it difficult to push through. But I told myself I KNEW I could run 4 miles and it would just require me to take things one step at a time. Oh yeah, and I had somehow managed to pick up a small pebble in my right shoe around Mile 16 or something and I couldn't get myself to stop to untie my shoe and take it out. So I ran with it in there until the end.

Once I hit Mile 24 (I think this was on Fiesta Island towards the end), I could taste victory (but only a little. hahah). This is where I think I may have hit a wall (I guess I should be happy that it hit so late in the race). I kept running (only walked when I came upon the aid stations throughout the race), albeit slowly (maybe 10:45-11:00/mile) but I told myself running slow was better than walking being so darn close to the finish. MAN I WANTED TO WALK SO BAD. My legs were building up so much lactic acid and that darn pebble hurt by this point. I could feel myself loosing steam and salt.

Finally came upon the last aid station (0.8mi from the finish line) was glorious! The volunteers kept on chanting 0.8mil from the finish! 0.8 mile from the finish! And I was like YES SWEET JESUS I LOVE YOU! But let me tell you, that was longest 0.8 mile I HAVE EVER RAN IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MY RUNNING HISTORY. hah!

Came around a corner, saw a tent and thought "yes! That must be the finish!" but it turned out there was another 0.2 miles to go (talk about mirage!). Forced my legs to lengthen their strides and propelled myself to the finish line!

You know I threw my arms up when I crossed that finish line! I am very happy with my time of 4hr 32 minutes 6 seconds...I couldn't have asked for a better first marathon experience. Like with other races I have ran, I see areas that need improvement (ie, my 1st half pacing) for future races, but I finished today looking forward to running the Portland Marathon!

(I admit though, I cried just for a brief second when I saw R at the finish because I was SO sore, relieved & happy to have finished. And yes, I am currently still sore!)

Go Long, Go Strong!