Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its been a while

Mon Ami, I've been away for a few weeks...maybe it's only really been a couple of days, but it seems like a long time.

R's been in Chicago since last week Monday for work and I miss him dearly. He's been texting me and sending me pictures of all the delicious food he's consuming...trying to make me jealous! hah!

Luci's diarrhea problem came back this past weekend (I'm assuming b/c she had finished her 3rd round of Flagyl a few days prior). Called my vet tech/soon-to-be veternarian friend and another friend in a panic b/c there was blood in her (extremely) soft stool on Saturday. Also left a semi-choking voicemail at Luci's vet office (they were closed for the day) and called the Vet ER and definitely cried a little while explaining the situation. She's had diarrhea on and off (on after the Flagyl wears off or if she's not on it and off when she's on the Flagyl) for the past two months (ie, since I took her to boarding that one time when our building was being termite tented!!!) Fasted her on Saturday evening and started feeding her white rice & chicken since Sunday. Felt panicked the entire weekend.

So she's been on that steady diet of white rice and chicken...and FINALLY had two decent (yet very small) solid poops yesterday (I did yell Hooray! in public when this happened) and also picked up a HUGE bag of Z/D from the vets (unfortunately this was the only size they had) The vet is hoping that this all points to a (severe) food allergy since the diarrhea stopped once I started feeding her white rice & chicken.

What's strange about all of this is that Luci was already on a high quality kibble (D/D...for her sensitive skin)!

I just want my wee lil' fur baby's tummy to feel better. Her energy level has remained high this entire time...but I assume feeling squirmish in her tummy is no fun (definitely not fun for me either).

Doesn't help that I have hypochondriac tendencies and want to take her to the vet for EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. My wallet has not thanked me at all this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for her :)


  1. I hope she does feel better soon. It's so hard when they can't tell us what hurts. I'm always taking the dogs to the vet, so I'm really happy we got pet insurance.
    What is the really good food in Chicago? I would be interested to know.
    How is your new marathon training going? I've only run one per year, so I don't know much about. But I imagine you must already be on track.
    I'm doing the Chicago Marathon this summer, but I've been really bad about training for it this year. I'm really hoping muscle memory works.

  2. I wish she would tell me what is wrong with her! I have been looking into pet insurance options for her, but trying to decide which on is best for us. A lot of them don't seem to cover much!

    Marathon training is going OK...start the new season this weekend. Which is good since I've only been running 3-6mi at a time by myself. I need running partners! Do you run with friends? or the hubby? I think our marathons are on the same day :) Haven't you ran like 8 marathons already?!?!? Muscle memory will definitely kick in for you!