Saturday, May 29, 2010

On the homestretch....

Ran my last "long" run (7 miles) before the big (1st) marathon this afternoon. The marathon is next week Sunday! This coming week I am focusing on Hydrating, hydrating and properly fueling my body. I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I want to run with my hydration belt on race day. I'm so accustomed to running with it already on longer runs, so I might as well...but at the same time I know there are hydration stations about every 1.5 miles or so on the race course.

I convinced R to request Sunday off from his work so that he can come cheer me and my runner friends along the course. I'm sure it's not that exciting for a non-runner to watch a race...let alone a marathon (for a slow runner like me!) but i KNOW I will need to hear his voice and see his smile towards the end of the race to push me to the end. It would be even better if R could bring Luci to cheer with him...

It's crazy the excitement I am feeling inside to run this race...I don't know if I'll feel that way during the actual race. hah! I feel prepared...but my only concern is that I'll let the adrenaline blow my pace at the beginning of the race. (Please keep me on track Garmin!) Lots of visualization and meditation exercises are to be done this week :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


That's how many miles we ran last weekend. twenty-one.

Even after having ran that many miles, it sounds crazy to me. And then I realize that I will be running five more on top of that twenty-one in a few weeks. Reality has started to sink in, excitement is starting to build up and of course that lingering feeling of anxiety about race day.

Last week Saturday's run was by no means easy. I started the run feeling fantastic and feeling light on my feet. Then my stomach started hurting around mile 7-9. Mid-way around miles 13-16 I started giving into my mental conscious telling me that I wouldn't finish, I hadn't had a big enough of a breakfast (ate a bowl of oatmeal) and that there was still a long ways to go. My pace group had sped off in the distance (I had taken a little bit longer at the aid station then they had...and of course I HAD to stop to pet the adorable silver beef cake pit bull named Dozer along the way) and I found myself on the route alone...AGAIN. (The last time we had ran this route, I had also lost my pace group & ended up running the last 9 miles of a 16 miles run alone)

I literally had to tell myself out loud "One foot in front of another S, you can do this". Feelings of giving up crossed my mind...albeit briefly. I was reminded how mentally tough you need to be to run long distances. It's easy to give up (maybe a little TOO easy sometimes)...but in the end, I always crave that feeling you get when you cross the finish line & finish (Victory!). We're now heading into taper mode. (But really, is it tapering if you're still running 11 miles on a Saturday?!?! hahaha) I bought a new pair of running shoes and am breaking them in before The Big Day.

This year has been pretty memorable for me thus far...
Passed the CPA exam after how many years of studying & taking exam sections
Bought my first place
and now, I am looking forward to adding my lifelong goal of running in a marathon to the list.

I really can't wait!

Friday, May 7, 2010

And we're back...sort of.

I got my laptop up and running a janky sort of way. I borrowed our old roommate's computer monitor and hooked it up to my laptop. My laptop screen is still black, and eventually I'll need to either fix it or upgrade to a new laptop, but at the moment that seems like an unnecessary expense (esp after my most recent dental visit...super expensive to re-fill four fillings yo!...and we had to get the garage door re-keyed the other day...which was unexpected)

Anyways, it's nice to have my laptop alive again.

We recently ate at Jyoti's this vegan/vegetarian restaurant down the street from where we live. It's run by Sri Chinmoy practitioners, and they are all super mellow and friendly. Must be from all the meditation!

Anyways, I had hibiscus mint ice tea to drink...

And the NeatLoaf Sandwich for my lunch. I generally like vegetarian/vegan alternatives (R not so much) so I gobbled up my meal happily:

R had the curry...I think it had mock chicken in it. It also came with a carrot ginger soup (which was light and refreshing), but I failed to take a picture of it before R consumed it all. I think he was afraid that I was going to eat it all in my "one bite" that I requested. hehe (he always teases that I consume all the food in the house while he is gone and threatens to hide the groceries so that he can have some. hah!)

I'd like to go back and try the other things on the menu. There are a lot of options to choose from and the atmosphere of the restaurant is really relaxing and peaceful. I also love that we can walk there!

Monday, May 3, 2010

And we're counting down...3...2...1...

Blast off!

Well, no not really. But we are counting down the weeks, days, hours, until the San Diego Rock N Roll M.A.R.A.T.H.O.N. on June 6, 2010.

A few weekends ago I ran in the La Jolla Half Marathon (beautiful coastal views...then a nice TWO-MILE UPHILL up Torrey Pines Road). I clocked in at 2hr 11min (and something seconds, but I forget exactly)...definitely not my best time (again!) (remember I also bombed San Dieguito when I had a foot problem/injury/malfunction) but I'm well on my way to reaching my 2010 Triple Crown goal. Apart from the miserable two-mile uphill (on mile 7 in the race, of course. hah!), it had the potential of being an OK race. The course was too narrow for the amount of people in it, and I felt that the race never thinned out like how it usually does. I hate feeling like I'm going to step on someone's heels when I'm running. I'm sure people don't enjoy hearing me pant behind their backs either (haha, wind-blocking for me sucka!) Then there was also that 1-mile downhill (which you would think would be nice especially towards the end of the race), but actually turned out to be a pain on my knees due to the angle. Oh, and then there was the one man on mile 12 I saw on the side of the road by one of the water stands receiving CPR because he had a heart attack...and then running 50 yards down the road and seeing another middle-aged man receiving CPR from the paramedics for also suffering from a heart attack. After I saw those two men on the side, I lost all desire to run in that race. It was an awful sight, and almost felt surreal. I felt guilty for having continued running, but I'm not sure what more I could have done had I stopped. FORTUNATELY for these two men, there were many random physicians and nurses who were RUNNING in the race and were at the right place and time to help them out. God only knows what would have happened otherwise.

After seeing that, I was reminded of the importance of learning to listen to my body during my runs...whether they are short or long, on cold or hot days. These men didn't look 'unhealthy' or 'unfit', just average (like me). I'm assuming they pushed themselves too hard under the adrenaline and competitive nature of racing. It was a tough course (even seasoned runners told me how tough the course was beforehand!)...Pacing oneself is racing and in life!

So this month, I really have to keep myself on track with my eating habits, hydrating myself and getting enough sleep. I am excited and nervous about the marathon, but am amazed at how far I have come in my running. It's hard to imagine that I used to be terrified of the half marathon but have now come to the point where I can run them without fear (they're no walk in the park though, hahaha). Maybe one day I'll feel that way about a marathon too :)

A mini getaway

My laptop is still down :(

Last week we had our building termite tented so we all had to vacate the building for 3 days...R & I stayed in a hotel a few miles away. It was really weird to be 'vacationing' in your own city..even weirder that I still had to go to work! (Lucky R had those days off anyways) Unfortunately, the hotel didn't accept dogs, so I had to board Luci for a few days.

After her first night at boarding, she sent me an email detailing all the fun she was having without us and sent me a picture of her:

It also helped that our friend, C, works at the boarding facility a few days a week...and it just so happened she was there during Luci's stay! I'm sure Luci was ecstatic to see her...especially after C let Luci play in the yard with the hose (Luci loves playing with the water coming out of hoses). So, thank you C for the extra TLC! She was so exhausted when I picked her up on Saturday (even cuter is that when I picked her up, she was swimming in the doggie pool!)! My theory is that she stayed up all night every night swapping scary stories with the other doggies in boarding and didn't get much sleep.

We missed her so much! And I think it's safe to say that R, Luci, and I are all happy to be back home :)