Saturday, May 29, 2010

On the homestretch....

Ran my last "long" run (7 miles) before the big (1st) marathon this afternoon. The marathon is next week Sunday! This coming week I am focusing on Hydrating, hydrating and properly fueling my body. I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I want to run with my hydration belt on race day. I'm so accustomed to running with it already on longer runs, so I might as well...but at the same time I know there are hydration stations about every 1.5 miles or so on the race course.

I convinced R to request Sunday off from his work so that he can come cheer me and my runner friends along the course. I'm sure it's not that exciting for a non-runner to watch a race...let alone a marathon (for a slow runner like me!) but i KNOW I will need to hear his voice and see his smile towards the end of the race to push me to the end. It would be even better if R could bring Luci to cheer with him...

It's crazy the excitement I am feeling inside to run this race...I don't know if I'll feel that way during the actual race. hah! I feel prepared...but my only concern is that I'll let the adrenaline blow my pace at the beginning of the race. (Please keep me on track Garmin!) Lots of visualization and meditation exercises are to be done this week :)

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