Monday, May 3, 2010

A mini getaway

My laptop is still down :(

Last week we had our building termite tented so we all had to vacate the building for 3 days...R & I stayed in a hotel a few miles away. It was really weird to be 'vacationing' in your own city..even weirder that I still had to go to work! (Lucky R had those days off anyways) Unfortunately, the hotel didn't accept dogs, so I had to board Luci for a few days.

After her first night at boarding, she sent me an email detailing all the fun she was having without us and sent me a picture of her:

It also helped that our friend, C, works at the boarding facility a few days a week...and it just so happened she was there during Luci's stay! I'm sure Luci was ecstatic to see her...especially after C let Luci play in the yard with the hose (Luci loves playing with the water coming out of hoses). So, thank you C for the extra TLC! She was so exhausted when I picked her up on Saturday (even cuter is that when I picked her up, she was swimming in the doggie pool!)! My theory is that she stayed up all night every night swapping scary stories with the other doggies in boarding and didn't get much sleep.

We missed her so much! And I think it's safe to say that R, Luci, and I are all happy to be back home :)


  1. It must be so strange to be a "tourist in your own city", but it looks like Luci had a great time. I really didn't know anything about termite tenting until I saw that episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". You didn't happen to leave any important tickets in your place?

  2. hahaha, that was such a funny episode (I really love that show btw). Fortunately I didn't leave any tickets inside the house, but R left his mouth guard. We washed it with soap, so hopefully that's adequate? Who knows...

    I don't even think we have termites in the building and it was for preventative purposes? Just hope that you guys don't have to do it at your home...such a pain to pack all the foodstuffs!

    I would have enjoyed are time away from home if I hadn't had to go into work...that was the strangest part! hahaha