Thursday, May 20, 2010


That's how many miles we ran last weekend. twenty-one.

Even after having ran that many miles, it sounds crazy to me. And then I realize that I will be running five more on top of that twenty-one in a few weeks. Reality has started to sink in, excitement is starting to build up and of course that lingering feeling of anxiety about race day.

Last week Saturday's run was by no means easy. I started the run feeling fantastic and feeling light on my feet. Then my stomach started hurting around mile 7-9. Mid-way around miles 13-16 I started giving into my mental conscious telling me that I wouldn't finish, I hadn't had a big enough of a breakfast (ate a bowl of oatmeal) and that there was still a long ways to go. My pace group had sped off in the distance (I had taken a little bit longer at the aid station then they had...and of course I HAD to stop to pet the adorable silver beef cake pit bull named Dozer along the way) and I found myself on the route alone...AGAIN. (The last time we had ran this route, I had also lost my pace group & ended up running the last 9 miles of a 16 miles run alone)

I literally had to tell myself out loud "One foot in front of another S, you can do this". Feelings of giving up crossed my mind...albeit briefly. I was reminded how mentally tough you need to be to run long distances. It's easy to give up (maybe a little TOO easy sometimes)...but in the end, I always crave that feeling you get when you cross the finish line & finish (Victory!). We're now heading into taper mode. (But really, is it tapering if you're still running 11 miles on a Saturday?!?! hahaha) I bought a new pair of running shoes and am breaking them in before The Big Day.

This year has been pretty memorable for me thus far...
Passed the CPA exam after how many years of studying & taking exam sections
Bought my first place
and now, I am looking forward to adding my lifelong goal of running in a marathon to the list.

I really can't wait!


  1. So exciting! I think it's just a rite of passage to feel bad about your 21 all the marathons I've done I've never had a good 20 mile training run. The excitement will definitely take you through the race. Good luck! Write all about it. And here's a weird tip nobody told me for years...don't eat any protein for 2 days before the race...otherwise you might have to use the bathroom unexpectedly. Let us know how your taper goes (isn't it funny that 11 miles is now a mere jaunt?)

  2. Thank you for the tip on the protein! Having to use the bathroom during the marathon is one of my concerns...I didn't have to during the 21-miler, but who knows how my body will react on race day. I actually ran with my iphone and failed to take I plan on doing the same for the RnR except will take pictures to post :)

    How is your training for Chicago going? Hopefully you are beating the heat!!!