Friday, March 25, 2011


Luci has been making new friends left and right lately...

First it was Betty:

Then it was Harley...they secretly plotted together to take up as much space on the sofa and on the bed. It was tres cute, but uncomfortable (for me!):

It's hard to see Harley because she is so dark...but I have a great video of them playing at home...I will have to post that later. They are the best of friends!

And then Luci recently made friends with Lola:

Of course, we cannot forget about our good ol' friends Juni & Chloe...but I don't have a picture of them right now :)

As the weather starts to get better, we can go on more hikes!


  1. Luci looks like quite the popular gal! We're also waiting for better weather to be able to go on more 'family walks'. Right now it's only in the 30's here and a bit miserable. Though the pooches have gotten some spring duds (leashes) and we're excited to head back out.

  2. I bet you guys can't wait!!! I love the snow...but not sure I would love it so much if I had to live with it every day. Your neck of the woods looks so nice during the summer. Can't wait to see your future pics!