Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get in mah belly!

I went home for Thanksgiving (well, technically I'm still home, since I leave tomorrow morning and I am typing this from my room at my mom's home)...but we have been filling our bellies with delicious food left and right:

After only eating a yogurt during the day, this is what my Thanksgiving dinner plate looked like...I did not hold back!

Foie Gras...apparently it's from a special farm in France (in-law relatives are French) that's now closed, so this is I felt bad to say that it did not match my palate (but it really didn't):

Then we ate at Gaan the other night...a tiny hole-in-the wall sushi restaurant:

Maguro trio:

R's favorite...tako (aka octopus)...too bad he didn't come with!:

Oh yes, kobe beef sashimi...(although to be honest, I think the one we ate at Sushi Ota was much better):

One of my all-time fave's...negitoro (fatty tuna):

Then my mother and I ate breakfast at Tango Contemporary Cafe, where I satisfied my craving for corned beef hash and potatoes (and coffee!!!):

Today for lunch we ate at Hank's Haute Dog, per my request. I had originally wanted to go there to try the lobster haute dog, but apparently it's a daily special that's only offered on FRIDAYS...darn. There's always next time!

The spread...Chicago-style haute dog with the works, Chorizo haute dog, Truffle MacNCheese, Duck fat fries, and onion rings (of course!):

Here are the closeups...

Truffle MacNCheese:

Oh the wonderful Duck Fat Fries...all fries should be made with duck fat. Trust me.

Onion rings...yum

My chorizo haute dog...(clever spelling isn't it?). It was just a tad spicy, topped with caramelized onions, fresh cilantro, and dijon mustard:

There's always room for my in mah belly!

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