Wednesday, April 21, 2010

San New York!

Just came back from a refreshing long weekend in New York spent enjoying the company of my good friends (from back "home") and exploring some good eats around town. Conclusion: There is not enough time to eat all the good foods offered in this city.

At Xie Xie (not your average Vietnamese sandwich shop)...this is my friend C's Sweet Glazed Pork sandwich

My Vietnamese BBQ Beef was epic:

My friend works in front of a building that has a DESSERT TRUCK parked out in front!!! AMAZING. How she doesn't eat from the truck every single day at every single chance she gets never ceases to amaze me. Here is a pumpkin whoopie pie...bite size. Not too sweet, but hits the sweet spot nonetheless:

We spent some time at MoMA, though we didn't get a chance to look at the Tim Burton exhibit (it was sold out!)

We were puzzled by the works of Marina Ambrovich:

There was a lot of naked bodies involved with her exhibits. We even ventured through the one exhibit which had us walk inbetween two naked women in a hallway. I was afraid that I was going to graze them. While our one friend N just looked one of the women straight in the eye while walking inbetween them. How brave! You can't imagine how uncomfortable it made me feel...

Back to the food...At Inoteca in East assortment of bruschetta:

Considering this was a tapas restaurant, we left feeling quite satisfied. This was the octopus and garbanzo beans:

Prosciutto panini:

Thai Delivery from Land Thai...I'm blown away at how many things can be delivered in New York. I feel like I would never leave my home. All this food for $60!

A ginormous chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain's bakery. The dough pre-baking was the size of a baseball. It was beautiful:

We also went to the Spotted Pig for brunch:

My cubano sandwich:

C's burger with roquefort cheese and shoestring potatoes (the neverending MOUND):

N's corned beef and hash with poached eggs:

Mini Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa...I AM OBSESSED with mini cupcakes! I had the red velvet and also a mint chocolate chip one:

Saw an awesome performance called Streb Slam in Brooklyn. A combination of gymnastics and dance and was cool to say the least:

Also ate at Otto's:
Ramp's pizza:

BUCCATINI AL' AMATRICIANA (hollow spaghetti and crispy pork cheek):

Also had an anchovy pizza:

For dessert I had a triple gelato...Olive Oil, Guiness Stout (OH SO GOOD), and Pistachio!

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