Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Sweet 16

Had our first "training" (ie, ridiculously long) run this past Saturday where we ran 16 miles. We ran through five coastal cities in San Diego (Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas and Solana Beach)...such a scenic and beautiful run! I wish I had brought my camera. Saw the ocean for miles and miles. Helped to take my mind off of the fact that we were putting on some serious miles on our legs.

My pace group sped off into the distance (they always run faster than the actual pace set for the group!), so I ended up running about 9 miles alone! I really should have just waited for the pace group behind me so that I would have people to run with, but I just wanted to keep going.

Man it was tough. It didn't help that I had to go straight into work, because I was in dire need of a nap. Also discovered that I have a knot in my calf. How do you get a knot in your calf?

I can already tell that the last 10 miles is not going to come easy. But I will not give up!


  1. Yeah! What marathon are you running? It sounds like you get some amazing views. In Chicago we have the lakefront trail which is really nice, but it can get quite crowded. Have you tried the "magic stick" for the knot in your leg? They sell them at expos and they work really well. I'd love to see the pics of your run, you should post them next time.

  2. Currently training for the San Diego RockNRoll! I'd love to run the Chicago Marathon one day :) We'll see how I feel after this first one.

    Joining the running group has really helped me appreciate living here so much more...I will definitely have to take my camera next time!

    Funny you mention about the stick b/c I just bought one this weekend! I don't know what I did without's amazing!!! Even the bf loves it.