Sunday, February 28, 2010

San Diego-a-go-go...O'Brothers (Horton Plaza)

A few of my friends and I are on a never-ending quest for the Best Burger in San Diego...In fact, our friend, F, has set up a handy dandy spreadsheet/grading system for this burger quest. It's awesome!

Tonight we made plans for an early dinner (4:30pm! And no early bird special yo!) and met at O'Brother's in Horton Plaza. We've tried to go to this burger joint three times now before we realized that they closed at 7pm on Sunday's. (Hence why we met extra early today to ensure that we could enjoy a burger there) We were all equally impressed.

The menu is simple (maybe a total of 6 burgers to choose from), and everything is organic...even the beer! I love the concept of farm-to-table restaurants!

F & I both opted for the The Big O burger (w/cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato and onion). F paired her Big O burger with an organic oatmeal beer, I opted for some green tea:

Each burger comes with your option of fries (tossed with generous chunks of minced garlic and salt) and two dipping sauces (ketchup and a ranch-flavored dip) or you could opt for a side salad:

(F & I both opted for fries!)

N opted for the Western Burger (bacon, cheese, w/homemade bbq sauce, onion rings) & the side salad & some classic root beer:

After taking a look at N's onion rings, F & I got a side order of onion rings too. hehe...but I mean, looking at this, wouldn't you want to try it too?

Meal = Amazing. I guess it is on the pricier side seeing as it was a $9.50 burger...but you get what you pay for at this joint.

In fact, before we left I got R a Big O burger to-go. He enjoyed his as well. I'm sure we'll go back...just maybe not for dinner (since how often do you eat dinner at 4:30?)

Next up, we'll be having a Burger Bar at our friend's...on her lovely outdoor BBQ/patio area. I can't wait.

188 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 615-0909

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