Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Diego-a-go-go...2010 San Dieguito Half Marathon

This past Sunday (yeah, on Valentine's day! I clearly had nothing better to do but get up early on a Sunday to RUN) I ran in the San Dieguito Half Marathon...I was not mentally prepared for the run, on top of which my foot started hurting after mile 4 (at which point I knew I'd be doomed), and yeah, ended up running my slowest half marathon time thus far (a dreary 2hr 16 minutes wah wah wah). But, in the end, I crossed the finish line, and I'm happy about that.

My right foot has been bothering me off and on for the past two weeks (for a few days I thought I had a stress fracture and R never heard the end of it since I brought it up every single night and made him inspect my foot every single night. But I think I just need more supportive shoes since my current pair have reached their mileage capacity), and so the week prior to the race I had assumed I wasn't going to run in the race (hence why I was not mentally prepared!)

The course was scenic (duh, Rancho Santa Fe is so nice! The homes are like whoa!) and even got to see people riding horses along the way. They served ice cold beer at Mile 12...which in theory sounds fantastic, but when you grab a cup thinking it'll be water or an electrolyte drink, it's not so pleasant. I took a big gulp by accident...meh. I also think it was Bud Light...making it a double meh. I also learned in this race that it's a lot harder to walk in a race then it is to run in a race. Strange how that works out. I can't even begin to fathom how some people walk a choice!

It was hilly, but not overly fact it almost seemed like the first four miles of the race was relatively downhill. But, it was definitely hillier than Silver Strand or Carlsbad.

I think I'll run it again next year...and prepare myself mentally for it. I also plan on leaving my house earlier next time seeing as how I did not enjoy parking over (due to lack of parking nearby!) a mile away from the race site and then having to walk over a mile UPHILL back to my car after running 13.1 miles. Let's just say my legs were feeling it the next day.

Next up...the La Jolla Half Marathon in April!


  1. I love your medal model! It sounds like a great race, with good scenery. I keep doing the same races over and over, so I should probably switch it up. I know exactly what you mean about the mental preparation--it can make the whole race miserable.

  2. Yeah I am amazed at how many races are offered around San Diego! It's nice to live in a city where there are so many people being active too :)

    How is your marathon training coming along?