Sunday, October 24, 2010

LA half marathon 2010

The inaugural LA half marathon has been conquered! I set another PR this month and finished in 1:56:59...finally reaching my goal to break 2hrs. It was an awesome course despite the hills ( hey, at least there were downhills to compensate!) and it was fairly well organized considering it was the first one. The weather couldn't have been better...a little sunny at times, but it was still cool enough that it wasn't miserable. Plentynof runners in Elvis costumes too...which always helps with the laugh factor. I started off the race too fast (why I still make that mistake I don't know) so I know a negative split is out of the question. But, I'm okay with that...Just another lesson for next time! I think I may run in this race again next year! Half marathons really are an awesome distance. Felt great after the race and felt no pain...a far difference from when I run in fulls!

I tried posting a picture of luci and the medal, but I can't post pictures from my iPad for some reason...bummer

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