Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The view out the window isn't the greatest...but I love that we have this cute window in the kitchen...it lets in quite a bit of light during the day too and a nice breeze when it's open. Annnnnnnnd I can finally put flowers in the window sill :)

I'm currently battling with the carpet...look at how dirty it is! (The place came like that...) If it weren't for the dirtiness, the carpet would be really nice and comfy. I think I will eventually replace it, but for now, it'll have to do. So I'm trying my best to get the dirt out with my little Bissell...


  1. I love how flowers can brighten up the whole place. Spring bulb flowers are my favorite.

  2. Yes they definitely do! I'm planning on getting at least one more :) Once we get a kitchen/dining table I think I will be able to get even more flowers. You guys really turned me on to CB2...thanks!